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At Simply Native we farm our own animals supplying rare and traditional breed meats and pride ourselves on our meat box selections.  Our meat boxes give you the very best savings compared to purchasing the items individually.

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Our Lambs are home reared on our farm at Great Eccleston in Lancashire. As with all our meat, we work with nature and never against it; that is why we can proudly say our lamb consists of only 3 ingredients… Mothers Milk, Green Lancashire Grass and Love. Our breed is a cross of two native breeds… The Wiltshire and the Suffolk.

Our Beef is mainly from British Whites and White Park cattle which are the best of all the breeds having direct links to the wild cattle of Britain.  In August 1617 King James I passed through Lancashire on his journey from Scotland; on this occasion he stopped at Hoghton Tower where he knighted the loin of beef ‘Sirloin’.  White Park was the chosen breed, and it has a distinctive taste due to its ‘game’ flavour.  We also rear Hereford and Highland Cross cattle.

Our Wild Boar and Pork are raised where pigs can be pigs and boar can be boar… living as natural a life as possible; all forage for their own food and the only supplement received from us are vegetables, meaning our wild boar and pork can be raised as naturally and healthily as possible.  We only use traditional breeds of pigs that are slower growing, this leans to a more refined and flavoursome taste. You can enjoy eating our Wild Boar and Pork knowing it lived a very happy life!


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